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Our Farm

Our Land

Our Front Yard was just the start! We still grow a large market garden in our Front Yard but have since put up several greenhouses and built more gardens on our lower property.  The gardens in the front yard were started with a technique called sheet mulching. This technique smothers the existing grass with organic matter that composts in place creating a thick layer of healthy soil. We scavenged people's leaf piles, harassed tree workers for wood chips, collected goat manure, whatever we could get our hands on. Our greenhouses are built on land that was not suited to agriculture. We turned that unproductive land into one of our more productive spaces on the farm. What's next for Front Yard Farm? Stay tuned...  

Our Animals 

Currently, we raise chickens using organic practices for eggs. We love our chickens and make sure they have plenty of room outside to roam and eat bugs! We hope to add pigs and goats to the farm in the future. In the meantime, I work with a collective of amazing local farmers who produce pastured pork and poultry and grass-fed beef. If you live in the area and are looking for local, humanely raised meat I would be happy to connect you!



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