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Our Story:

Building Soil and Building Community

It all started with the desire to grow our own food. Chris and I wanted to build a resilient homestead to feed our family well, but the problem we faced was the lack of good, affordable farmland. So, we decided to grow where we were planted. We began converting the lawn into garden beds and started growing. We wanted to teach people that you can grow food anywhere! It is important for us to grow produce without harmful chemicals so we can be proud to share it. We are committed to producing fresh, nutrient rich food that supports the health of our family, our community and the environment. Stop by the farm stand and enjoy the season with us!

Kelly Wheeler and Chris Allard

Front Yard Farm

What we Believe 

We believe that healthy food comes from healthy soils. We continually strive to improve our soils with the application of nutrient rich compost, mulch, cover crops, and crop rotation. These methods increase soil nutrition and organic matter making the plants grown in it more robust and resistant to pests and disease.


Weeds, pests, and disease are managed using controls such as row cover or kaolin clay to protect the plants without using harmful pesticides. We believe you can't have a healthy garden if you use toxic chemicals. Our growing methods strive to support beneficial insect populations who will help maintain the productivity of our gardens. As a result of not spraying pesticides, our gardens are always alive with buzzing bees and helpful insects! 


Weeds are managed either by cultivating with hand tools, a flame weeder or a small tiller. We also use the stale seed bed method and cover beds with tarps to smother weeds. Pests and disease are managed using a "beyond organic" methodology. We monitor and hand-pick certain pests like Potato Beetles, Hornworms, and Cabbage Worms. As a last resort we will use organic certified controls like Neem oil or insecticidal soaps.


We strive to produce the best food we can because we care deeply about the people we feed it to.


Beyond Organic

Did you know that organic doesn't mean pesticide and herbicide free?

  • "Beyond Organic" goes beyond the watered-down USDA organic standards.

  • No synthetic pesticide

  • No herbicide

  • No GMOs

  • Authentically Grown food produced by your neighbors, not far away strangers

  • Creating local jobs for local folks

  • Using direct marketing and local food distribution channels to sell the food where it is grown. That means no long truck trips for our tomatoes!


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