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We sell fresh vegetables, fruit, eggs, pottery and other local goods directly on the farm through our Honor System Farmstand .All our products are raised using sustainable practices that feed the soil and utilize methods like crop rotation and row covering to avoid the use of harmful pesticides. We believe that for our gardens to be truly healthy, we need to support habitat for beneficial insects. We do this by avoiding pesticides and planting a large diversity of crops to support the "good bugs". Although we use a Beyond Organic methodology that is free from harmful pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs we are not certified by the USDA. However, we are committed to ensuring the health of our community and our environment which deeply informs our farming practices. Chemical free is the way to be!  



Our Products

Fresh Produce

Our vegetables and fruits are grown with flavor and beauty in mind. We choose the tastiest heirloom varieties that we love to eat because we know you will too! You can find our produce at our Farm Stand, The West Brookfield Farmers Market Wednesday 3-6, and at area stores and restaurants.


We love our Chickens! We keep a small flock of mixed breed hens so we get a variety of different colored eggs. Light Brown, Reddish-Brown, White, Green, and Blue! They are fed organic grain and free range to eat lots of grass and bugs. $8.00/dozen



Pottery is another passion of ours! There are always fresh pots making their way onto the farm stand from the on-farm studio. Stop by and take a peek!


Farm Stand Hours

Open from May to October

7 Days a week!

Our Farm Stand is run on the honor system so come by anytime!

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